Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dinner is served

Dinner is served! And for this banquet we have Emily, all tied up and helpless. First you will see her alone in the table, just there, waiting alone, to whatever destiny has for her. Then she struggle with her ropes for a while. Then I come, running my finger from her legs, all the way up to her belly. She trembles! She giggles! She is ticklish! Very sensitive! I continue just running my fingers around her stomach, barely touching her, just enough to make her squeeze, laugh and squirm, and nerves go insane. I keep doing the circle for a couple of minutes and then I move to her beautiful and exposed armpits, which I tickled, very gentle and soft! You have to idea how good it feels to your stomach when you tickle Emily's soft armpits and she starts contracting and expanding, giggling, moaning and breathing hard, strugling, trying to get away! In this clip I stay on her armpits almost all the way. and then I use the vibrator to torment her nipples and the rest of her sensitive body and insert it on her underwear, activated and leave it there to stimulate her crotch! Then I get out of the picture leaving Emily alone with the vibrator, which forces an orgasm on her. After that she begs me to take it out since she is too sensitive. I take a few seconds to return, I take it out, and keep tickling her in the armpits, and the rest of her body.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Emily tied and tickled

Emily is tied up, spread eagled. Watch her struggle and you will feel yourself boiling inside. There is a lot of upperbody hardcore no mercy tickling in this video. He even tickles Emily on her feet. Also see Emily's first ice torture experience. Do you need more reasons to buy it? We are talking about a full hour of great laughs, screams, and struggles! How about enjoying her suffering face expressions while the ice melts on her hot skin.